Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy gift cards?

You can buy official Takeaway gift cards from our online store:

Can I buy physical gift cards?

Yes. You can purchase a physical Takeaway gift card in shops. After the cashier scans the card and you pay for it, the gift card will be activated and is ready to use.

To use your gift card, follow these steps:
- Scratch off the sticker on the back of the card to reveal your code.
- Go to the website shown on the card. Enter your code and the email address where you want to receive your voucher.
- Fill in the CAPTCHA code and accept the Terms and Conditions.
- Select Activate gift card.
- You will receive an email with your voucher.
- Redeem your voucher during the checkout process of your next order

How does a digital gift card work?

When you buy a digital gift card, we'll send a unique gift card code to the email address of your choice. You can also include a personalised message for the lucky recipient. Each digital gift card is emailed separately.

Can I buy any value of Takeaway gift card?

You can choose from six different card balances, between €20-€100.

How many gift cards I can buy online?

The maximum number of gift cards you can buy on our online store is 10. If you would like to place a larger order, please contact us here:

How long does it take to receive the gift card after I bought it?

A digital gift card will be sent to the email address of your choice. It should arrive within one hour of purchase. If your gift card does not arrive within the expected time frame, please contact us.

Do Takeaway gift cards expire?

Yes. Gift cards are valid for at least one year after the date of purchase. However, your local legislation may prescribe a longer expiration term. If this 12 month period has already passed, making you unable to redeem your gift card, please contact us.

Can I spend my gift card in person at restaurants?

You can only use gift cards to place an order on your local Takeaway website and mobile apps. Unfortunately, the gift card cannot be used on Just Eat Takeaway platforms around the world nor in-person at Takeaway  restaurants.

How do I redeem the gift card?

You can use a gift card on your next Takeaway order by paying online. Here’s how:

On the payment method page, look for ‘Voucher’ under the payment options. Select ‘Do you have a voucher or a coupon?’, enter your code and press ‘Check’ to apply your discount.

iPhone Before completing your order, you have two options to add your discount code:
1. On the’ Complete your order’ page, tap ‘Add a voucher’.
2. Under ‘Payment methods’, tap on ‘Add voucher’.

Under your payment method, you’ll find ‘Do you have a voucher or coupon?’ Enter your code and tap ‘Redeem’ to apply your discount. Discounts are applied instantly.

My recipient hasn't received the gift card. What should they do?

First, check that the email hasn't landed in their junk/spam folder. If they still can't find it, please get in touch with us. We're happy to help!

What happens if I do not have enough credit on the gift card to pay for a full takeaway order?

You can pay the remaining balance with another online payment method.

How many orders can I place with one gift card?

You can place as many orders as you like until you've run out of credit.

Can I reload my gift card with more money?

Unfortunately not. We suggest buying a new gift card instead.

My order was cancelled. What happens with my gift card?

We will always make sure that the value of the gift card is reimbursed. Please allow 24 hours for the gift card to recharge. Still unable to use your gift card? Contact us with your gift card code and the details of your cancelled order.

Can I get a refund?

Please check your eligibility to request a refund on our Terms & Conditions. If you purchased a gift card via a reseller you will need to contact that reseller directly.